Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Froggy Baby Blanket

 I made this very simple granny square crochet baby blanket as a baby shower gift.  One of my youngest cousins is expecting her very first baby this coming May.  The happy couple are so excited and can't wait!
 I had planned on making a crochet frog applique, but I just didn't have enough time to make one.  I found the cute froggy applique at Michaels (it was the only one left!!!).  It's an iron on applique, but I went ahead and hand stitched it as well to make sure it stay put.
These are the baby shower invitation cards I made for her (a total of 40).  Erika's Mom (my Aunt) requested I made for the shower.  The elephant theme was Erika's request, and the giraffe was my Aunt's.
~interior of card~
Erika and her Mom really loved the baby blanket I made for the soon to arrive bundle of joy!  It was a real treat to see how pleased they were with it.

Have a wonderful day!!!