Thursday, September 29, 2016

MN State Fair 2016

Phew...busy busy busy and trying to catch up with blogging and visiting!

Hubby and I had a great day at this year's MN State Fair 2016!
My very favorite exhibit of the Fair is the annual Pumpkin Contest.  Here's this year's huge pumpkin winner = 1143 pounds!!!

It was amazing to see the biggest sunflowers and vegetables!

This year was a first for both of us to see part of the sheep herding competition.  It was a beauty to see the sheep being herded by very talented and trained sheep dogs.

Piggies are too darn cute!
It was a very nice cool and breezy day to visit the piggies!

This Momma Piggy only had 10 piglets!  All very healthy and pink, and always super hungry!!!

The day flew by so quickly and it was so very pleasant.  We had our usual famous Pronto Pups (corn dogs) and very tasty icy cold Grain Belt Beer.  Also, we had for the very first time these really good French Fries with fresh garlic topping...that was our new food to try out!
For dessert I had a real vanilla milkshake.

I simply cannot believe that it feels like winter here in the Cities...well my kind of winter for this AZ Gal!!!  Out came the cozy sweatshirts and socks, afghans and the teapot quick...oh and the heat is on and the AC is shut down...woo~hoo!!!