Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thrifty Finds

Two weekends before Labor Day, while I was out and about running errands like a mad woman for two days, I surely made time to quickly stop at a few garage sales (about 3-4).
Boy did I find good prices and treasures!!!
It was surprising to find that on most of these sales just about everything was$1-$3...and it was on the first day of their sales!!!  I think it was a way for the homeowners to quickly get rid of their stuff before summer is over.

So...let me show you my treasures which I have already found great places to be used in our home, and some for later use:
In the last year, I have been finding this type of miniature watercolor framed pictures.  I simply find them fascinating and so pretty!  ~ $1.00

 Two small White Glass Hobnail vases...$1.00 each!  I just couldn't believe it!!!  

"YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE..." framed quote at a garage sale = $1.00.  Excellent condition from Michaels.  

A beautiful embroidered linen bread basket liner...not one stain!!! 

Two very pretty heavy frames = $1.00 each.

A very well used and loved enameled coffee pot = $2.00! 

Adorable old metal red gingham tray! 

I finally found a wooden picture frame for this picture from last year. 

I had been looking for this type of woven basket for the longest time.  I did pay $3.00 for it, because I  just had to have it!   I thought it would be great to use it as my "cocktail bar tray"; but it was too wide for the counter where I wanted to place it.

A tissue box cover for the guest bedroom night stand = $1.00

Two trays of Christmas glass ornaments.  I plan on decorating and donating them to our annual Christmas Church Bazaar. 

For our Christmas tree. 

Sheet music books for 25 cents each.  I plan on using them for my altered art. 

I couldn't pass this Beatrix Potter book for 25 cents.  I plan on using it for an Easter vignette. 

A "star" tablecloth for a table of 6 = $1.00.  Oh so many uses!!!

A 3-tiered plate stand for $3.00.  It came in very handy on Sunday's brunch get-together.

Brand new bag for a short weekend trip = $3.00, ...

 and last but not least, this very pretty linen table runner in excellent condition = $1.00.  Perfect for Easter season.