Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Girlz Day Out

Last Friday I had a wonderful time with the "Girlz"!
Jan, my sister-in-law,  and I had a wonderful time with her two granddaughters!!!
 We had a scheduled pedicure; which the Girlz absolutely loved!  They got to pick their very own nail polish color, plus they had a tiny little flower with a rhinestone drawn on their big toes!!!

After pedicures, we had a lunch reservation at American Girls, Mall of America.
Lunch was delicious!!!
Mac & Cheese for the girls, All American Grilled Cheese Sandwich for me and Tic Tac Toe for can me go wrong!

After lunch, they got a chance to play in the American Girls play area.  They gravitated to the baby dolls.
Christmas present idea???
I on the other hand, would love to have MaryEllen!  Jan is interested in the Wellie Wishers.

 Kinley ...


Afterwards, the Girlz had a chance to go on some fun Nickelodeon Universe rides!!!
But wait, we also stopped at this candy store where "we" picked our own candy...and ate it all!!!

Was it naughty of us to drop them right off after at their parents home?!?!

I had a wonderful blessed time.  I got a chance to feel young again!

Now their Moms want a Girlz Day Out...oh boy!!!