Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Corner-to-Corner Crochet Pillow Cover

I finally finished my crochet corner-to-corner throw pillow cover.  I only did the one panel in crochet (for the front of it).  For the back I used fabric and made it into an envelope throw pillow cover.
This is a very easy and quick crochet pattern in my opinion.  You can find the pattern here.
I worked on this while watching the summer olympics...I can multi-task you know!
I used this fabric for the back of the pillow cover.  I think I'm getting better at my sewing prowess...hehehe!!!

Since I have one more piece of this same fabric, I'm currently working on another crochet panel (different pattern) to make a semi-twin throw pillow to go with this one.
I work on it while watching a new show I'm hooked and loving...This Is Us
So I might not be done with it for a while...sigh!