Saturday, October 22, 2016

Raggedy Mini Wreath Christmas Ornaments

Here are a few raggedy mini wreath ornaments I have been working on lately to donate for our Church bazaar.

I use scraps of fabric and rip long strips to tie around shower curtain rings.

Once I complete all of them, I will add a few embellishments to make them look prettier; but I think some look just fine the way they are.
Sweet Inspiration #29

GOD bless Us,
Every One!
~Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol


  1. I think they are quite cute just as they are. :)

  2. They look really cute. I am sure they will do well.

  3. They are terrific, love the country feel to them!!

  4. What a lovely way to re-use shower curtain rings. They look lovely Oliva


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