Monday, February 27, 2017

Stress Relief Tea

I am so happy it's Monday!!!

Last week was the busiest week ever in my life.  Even though it was all fun and games, there was so much planning and work, and "getting it done" involved.  From birthday celebrations, CDA planning meeting, golf, hosting our annual Ladies Golf Niners Dinner, participating in our church's annual fashion show (rehearsing, fittings, modeling & performing in a group song), Greet & Meet our new neighbors happy hour hosted by our next door neighbor Stephanie, and getting ready for today's CDA General Meeting.
Did I mention unexpected company?  Yup...from late Tuesday night until yesterday morning!!!  Which meant quickly do a thorough light house cleaning and getting the guest bedroom and bathroom ready for our company.

All and more crammed into one week.  I wonder if that's why my right eye is twitching?!
So this week, I will try to rest, regroup and detox 😵


  1. Yes, rest up this week. It seems like there are too many things to do in one week instead of it spreading out for the month.

    1. Exactly Deb! If only the church's fashion show had not been moved up, would had made things much better. It took most of my time away! Oh's over now...phew!!!

  2. it's always good to have some good relax time after such a busy week to regroup


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