Monday, November 2, 2009

Spring Planting in AZ

About 3-4 weeks ago I planted our petunias for spring. Here in the AZ valley you plant your spring garden in the late fall so all flowers will be in full bloom by February.
Well, this pot is doing so well. See those sticks protruding from the middle of the petunias? Well that is a chewed up hibiscus done by our cutest backyard bunnies! They invite themselves to whatever they can reach!!! I'm not finding them to be as cute as before...
These empty pots are the work of very hungry bunnies!!! Arrgghhh!!! The petunias planted here have been eaten!!! I now have to re-pot and place them in planters high enough out of the reach of these very cute hungry bunnies!!!

After I vented about our very pesky backyard critters, I decided to just put my feet up and chill!!!


  1. I haven't planted one flower yet. On my list next week. I love white petunias. We don't have bunnies, but I don't know what Bentley will do. He tends to like to dig!!
    Oliva, your cards are beyond fantastic. You mention so many techniques I have NEVER heard of....Wonderful!! Have a great week!

  2. Hi Oliva!!!!
    I'm so glad you found me already!!! I have been so busy since Friday!!! I have found a couple with out pulling out my cheat sheet!!! Was that just the funnest luncheon ever??? I am so glad I got to meet all of you!!!! We have to do this more often!!!!Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. Oh I just planted mine about 3 weeks ago too and they have been doing so good. Sorry the bunnies are feasting on yours and having a field day. Guess you will have to hang them all in the air. lol Hopefully they will leave the next ones alone. Hugs, Marty

  4. how interesting that you plant your spring garden now! sorry to hear about the bunnies, but nice to see that it looks like it's still pretty warm there!


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