Tuesday, November 3, 2009


On Saturday morning I was running so late for my stamping class, and did not have a chance to stop at a garage sale a neighbor was having! So off I sped away...

My stamping class was over by noon...and then Karen and I had lunch at Boston Market for the very delicious $1 meal...and then we had our scheduled pedis, but in the back of my mind I was hoping the garage sale wasn't over!!!

I rushed back as quickly as possible and did not stop for much needed gas, and made it just in time before they started wrapping up unsold items!

I found a set of two identical doilies for $1.25! The doilies were stained and old looking, but thought if I soaked them in bleach and detergent, maybe I could make them look decent, and if not, well $1.25 wasn't going to be a big loss. So I did!

Voila! Starched and ironed!

One for the night stand...

and one for the dresser...


  1. Oh the doillies are just gorgeous. Such a great find. They look lovely in the bedroom. Hugs, Marty

  2. Those doilies are beautiful...and they are the perfect set for your lovely bedroom furniture! I found a deal on Saturday too...I haven't shown it yet, but I got some bar stools for my high counter for 12.00 each. They sell at Mor for 99.00 each! I am thrilled!

  3. Those are lovely! What a good price for such big ones too!


  4. That looked great! Doilies - yet another english work I have never heard of but I love them too!
    While you are planning springs flowers we had our first snow yesterday. It it not a single leaf left on any trees now and dark at three o clock in the afternoon. A perfect time to do cards and planning Christmas!

  5. HI OLIVA!!!!
    OH such pretty doilies!!!! I love them and even though my decor is somewhat Tuscan --sort of Italian feel to it, well anyway I have doilies spread out and I love them!!!! Bleach does the trick every time, when I want to make a new one look old, I soak it in a cup with a tea bag!!!!!

  6. very nice find!! i absolutely love your dresser too, i really like that style of furniture.


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