Monday, November 16, 2009

Special Days to Remember...

I made this perpetual calendar as a thank you hostess gift for our friend Chari. Hubby and I were invited to dinner at Chari & Jeff's home on Saturday.
We have been very good friends with Jeff and Chari for several years now. It's a tradition now that we meet them once every month. Every other month one couple hosts an outing, dinner, we can meet and catch up with our very busy lives. Chari & Jeff live in the East Valley, which is like miles from here!!!

Hubby and I took the light rail to get to Mesa, where Jeff was waiting for us at the end of the line, and then drove us to Chandler, our final destination.

Jeff & Chari had prepared for us a very delicious dinner. We talked and talked and we had a great evening.

It amazes me that even though we have known each other for awhile, we always learn something new about each other's lives.

Thank you Chari & Jeff for being such great friends!
Oliva & Tom


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  2. HI!!!
    The light rail is fun huh!!!!
    Now you know where Chandler is, I live in Gilbert, so not that much farther!!!! Great friends are the best!!!!
    glad you had fun!!!


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