Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ode to Summer

Our summer is coming to end. Anything below 100 degrees means that summer is over!!! Today driving home from work we had this horrific rain storm here in the Valley! You have to understand us Phoenicians...anytime we have any kind of strange weather, it's scary...LOL! Lightning, thunder,'s really scary!
This weather change made me think that finally our sweltering blistering summer is over, and somehow I will miss summer.

Most of all I yearn to spend a whole summer in the Twin Cities, where for me, it's actually a true summer...2 more years, 2 more years...and then I will be able to!!!
The following pictures I took while I spent 2 whole weeks there over the 4th of July. Hubby and I spent one evening at Lake Harriet. It's a beautiful has a rose garden, a Japanese garden, a can go sailing, canoeing, walking, biking between several connecting lakes (Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun, Nokomis Lake,..)

I love gardening and love to stroll through their gardens. I especially love this new garden: the All-America Selections/Hummingbird Garden

I love strolling through these gardens and take mental notes what I would like to plant in our home there, once I truly can spend my summers there. Right now, I'm simply maintaining my late mother-in-laws shrinking garden that she created many years ago. The flower garden has beautiful peonies that smell so fragrant and make beautiful floral arrangments.

Don't you just love this vibrant color!

I have to share with you my most favorite lake in the city: Lake Harriet. I love it because it has this beautiful bandstand! During the summers there, every weekend free concerts are scheduled for people to enjoy.
We were waiting for the concert to start soon. I love "people watching"...I find them fascinating!

While you listen to music you can enjoy looking at the beautiful lake!

Isn't it serene looking!
I love summers in the Twin Cities!