Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Red Wing, MN

This past summer Hubby and I drove to Red Wing, MN, to buy real coffee mugs from Red Wing Pottery.
We love drinking our coffee from real coffee mugs. His parents only drank out of cups & saucers/teacups. We need the big mugs for our morning java...LOL!
It was a great drive from the Twin Cities to Red Wing. You drive through so many farms and small quaint beautiful towns!

We finally made it and it was so hard to decide which mugs were worthy. We finally found them!

Here's my dear husband Tom posing with a Red Wing shoe! They had different size shoes decorated throughout the town. Don't you just love it!
...and here's me...squinting at the camera...I absolutely hate my pics!

The town's was so beautiful!
We had a great time visiting and meeting new people.