Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Boom

Babies Galore!
Lately, babies are being born or coming soon in our neck of the woods.  There had been a recession of babies, and I had stop making (crotchet, knit, quilt) baby blankets.  I decided to start making them again so that I could have a nice surplus for the unexpected arrival!

 Think pink!
This pink blankie will go to Kelsey (co-worker) and her baby girl due in August. 

I like making this pattern because it's fast and easy, and can be finished within a week!

Several babies in our family, friends, co-workers, ...have been recipients of this baby blanket pattern.

As soon as I'm done with this blankie, I'm ready to start a Star Baby Blanket for another arrival from the stork very soon...!!!


  1. What a lucky co-worker. I love the pattern and the soft pink color.

  2. Hi Olivia :o)
    your baby blanket looks beautiful, what a lucky baby!
    i am looking forward to trying new patterns now, i find crochet very soothing.
    Can't wait to see your star blanket!
    have a lovely weekend
    jooles x


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