Saturday, July 16, 2011


I'm back from my very short trip (2 whole weeks) to our summer home in Minneapolis. It was the best trip I've had in a long time! I feel relaxed and stressed free! It was a fun busy 2 weeks spent with Dear Hubby and his family.
One of the best parts of my trip were all the freebies I got from Hubby's cousin Laura. Last November she got married and she and her husband have combined one household from 2...and lucky for me...I got several things that I really needed...well a few that I wanted and now have!

Exhibit A:
An extremely huge and very heavy 2-piece punch bowl.  Love it!

Exhibit B:
Laura's mother's 3 piece turquoise mixing bowl set! 

Exhibit C:
A 3-piece brand new Paula Deen pot set.  Laura's hubby kept the skillet :-( 

Exhibit D:
 A settee that will eventually go on my brand new built in back patio deck...  Laura & her hubby will be delivering the chair set that goes with this settee.  Hopefully, for my next visit in October it will be there...

Exhibit E:
...and last but not least...this gorgeous very comfortable chair!  I insisted that I should have it by the front of the living room window so that I can read and look out the window and enjoy the great view!
Of course, Hubby agreed, but the minute I would leave it would be moved to the basement until my next visit :-(

You see Hubby is now retired and is spending his second summer in MN, while I am still working here in SUPER HOT Phoenix area...4 long 10+ hours days!  I retire in November 25, 2012, and my summers will be spent with the Hubs :-)!!!