Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pink Saturday

As I was dusting in the living room, I stopped my chore to actually admire my late mother-in-law's fine china.  I have noticed she had a collection of fine china tea cups.
When I mentioned this to Hubby, he informed me that most of his mother's china came from her mother and grandparents.  The china sets were divided between my mother-in-law and her two sisters.
 I love the soft pinks and greens with a touch of gold on the two teacups. 

 Some of her china is displayed on the hutch made by Hubby's grandfather.
 I thought that these teacups had the identical design, but when looking closely, I noticed that the flowers were different even though they share the same color scheme.
I have to say that this teacup and saucer is my favorite! 
I love the shape of the saucer and teacup, as well as the embossing details.

 I wish I had gotten to know my mother-in-law better, and have learned about the history of her prized possessions.  She passed away three years later after Hubby and I got married.