Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Colors in MN

Just a peek at our Maple tree...
 I guess fall has arrived slowly but surely...
 The colors are so vibrant.
 Steps to our front door.
 See the little tricycle?  Found it at a garage block sale for $3!  It reminded me so much of my very own little tricycle...childhood memories.  It belonged to the couples grown son.
Oops...I guess it's time to put the bunny away.
 Mums are a sure sign of fall.
I found the blue pot at a garage sale for a mere $1!!!
My father-in-law's unfinished rocking chair and the chair on the steps, holding plants.  The chairs have no seats and were collecting dust in the basement.  So I thought how nice it would be to use them in the garden and hold plants.

I am simply in awe of its daily changes in color.
I picked up the 3 pots (I planted hostas) for free at a garage sale at the beginning of the summer. 
 This is my first experience of fall from beginning and hopefully to the end.  Being from the Phoenix Valley, we simply don't experience anything like this.

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