Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fresh Cuts from Our Garden

As I was getting ready to have my coffee this morning, I decided to take a quick peek at our rose bushes.  I found only two blooming roses and one rosebud.
 I cut the two Eternelle roses and made myself a little rose bouquet for our breakfast table.
 For someone who is now retired, I hardly take the time to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the mornings and take some time to reflect.
 Today being such a gorgeous sunny warm day, decided to take the time and enjoy the morning quiet.
 It really felt so good!
I added a sprig of rosemary, asparagus fern, snapdragon, and a fading paper white and a tiny daisy flower.
I am joining Fresh Cut Friday at Liz's Rose Vignettes. Please stop by to see her beautiful daisies and other bloggers' fresh cuts.

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  1. Hi Oliva! Happy Sunday evening. Your
    so lucky to be retired! :)

    I love your sweet little bouquet. Just perfect for the breakfast table.
    I also love that darling table cloth!

    Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday! I appreciate it! :)

  2. Right about this time I'm yearning for some warmth, sunshine, and lots of flowers. Its great that you could bring one in and freshen up your table. Your arrangement looks great.


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