Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pink Saturday

 Our weather here has been absolutely perfect!  I am not bragging, but we enjoy it as much as we can because we all know what is coming very soon: HOT...and I mean HOT HOT SUMMER!

This very nice weather makes it perfect for estate/garage sale hunting!
 The 3 pink glass dishes were a perfect find for Valentine sweets!
 This square tablecloth had an ugly stain, but I cam home and washed it off!
 At another sale, I found this adorable tablecloth that had never been used.  It still had its original tag on!
It is citrus season here.  The oranges are from Mom's orange tree and they're so sweet and juicy.  The grapefruit make excellent Vodka Greyhounds!
 Sweet design!
 And this dishcloth also had its very own store tag.
It was a perfect find to display in our kitchen for the month of February!