Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For Mom & Sis...

I am thankful and proud to be an American.

After seeing my Give Thanks book page wreath I made last week, my Sister asked me if I could show her how to make one.
 While she worked on her book page wreath, I worked on this gold cross medallion wreath for Mom. 
 I am so glad Mom loved it!!!

This is my Sister's wreath!
In making these wreaths, we used an old Bible book.  I really love how hers turned out with the yellowed pages.  She wasn't too happy how the center of her wreath turned out, but we are going to work on fixing that tomorrow night.
She is not too crafty, so I am going to make sure she's happy with this wreath.  I don't want her to give up on becoming crafty and spending quality bonding time with her Big Sis (moi)!