Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Garage Sales

Last Saturday, I had a great morning finding a few garage sale treasures!
 The above bowl and following 2 items I found at an Estate Sale.  It was their last day and everything was 50% off.
I loved this bowl at first sight!
 I almost did not get this silver candle holder/flower arrangement piece because of it had very a old and faded silk flower arrangement.  I am giving it a second chance and will add a fresh flower arrangement for special dinners.
 I also just had to get this cute little pillow.  I wasn't too crazy about the fabric, but I loved the beautiful crochet edging on both ends.  I figure I can always replace the fabric with one of my liking and add the crochet edge to it.
I found this gorgeous bowl at my neighbor Sue's garage sale.  This bowl will be great to serve a huge salad or a hot pasta dish.
I also bought a couple of her Longaberger baskets...but more on that for another post!  I LOVE Longaberger baskets!!!
 And last but not least, my sister introduced me to a new store in town ( to me).  It's called Redesign Goodwill.  Every other Saturday, everything is 50% off, except for the new furniture.
I bought this yo-yo quilt.  I think it will add a touch of Christmas decor to our bedroom.
 This handmade quilt also came from Redesign Goodwill.  It's a light quilt perfect for our chilly nights.  Both quilts are in great condition.

I also picked up these 4 blue coasters to add to my blue and white china.
This store is very clean and well organized.  The merchandise is in great condition and easy to sort through.

I am thankful and grateful for my very generous/healthy/loving Mom.