Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Champagne Cork Key Chain

I have been collecting wine and champagne corks to eventually make a cork wreath; but
I keep finding other ways to use these corks.  Needless to say, I have to drink more so I can accomplish this goal.
Not a problem!
I was desperately in need of a key chain for a set of house keys.  What to do?  Make my own!
I had the supplies on hand and voila!
This set of keys were for our house sitter in AZ.  I even added a tag labeled with our name to it.

  • Champagne Cork: I used this type of cork, because it's bigger to grab hold of 
  • eye screw: from the Dollar Store; came in a kit
  • key ring: I recycled one from my heavy loaded key chain
  • Extra strength glue

  • Attach the key ring to eye screw. 
  • Screw the eye hook to bottom of cork.
  • Add dab of glue to attached eye screw and cork.
  • Let dry over night!
Have a wonderful day!