Monday, July 27, 2015

Wall of China

I have a love affaire with beautiful china, and lucky me I get to play with my mother-in-law's beautiful china!  She had several sets that she inherited and some that she acquired.  Most of them are very Limoges!!!  The sad thing was that most were tucked away never to be admired.
The above saucer was from an estate sale late last summer.
So I decided to create a Great Wall of China...well right now its more like a picket fence if at that!
I selected a saucer or dessert plate to display on my tiny wall.  I have added 2 that I got at estate sales and fell in love with their design.
 A small little DIY trick to hang the plates was to use a small paper clip and this powerful adhesive.  Let dry over night and hang the following day!  This DIY trick works great with small saucers, but NOT with the bigger dessert plates...I learned this the most painful way when we woke up one morning to a very loud crash.
This is my other saucer I acquired last summer.  As of right now, I have another saucer in the works waiting to be hung.  The wait kills me!

Have a wonderful day!