Friday, July 17, 2015

Crossed Double Crochet Dishcloths

What's an easy, quick and useful homemade gift to have handy as a hostess gift?  Crochet dishcloths of course.
 Right before I left AZ to get away from the heat, I had 2 thank you gift packages to put together for 2 of our fantastic neighbors.
 I added a set of 2 dishcloths in their gift bag along with other goodies.  I know Norma and Beth will put them to good use and appreciate the gift.
Since then, I have been making more in different colors and patterns.  For these dishcloths, I used Olga's, from Lacy Crochet, Crossed Double Crochet pattern.  Her mother used this pattern to make a baby blanket which is beautiful, and I'm almost done with one myself.
I thought this pattern would work great for a dishcloth.  The texture of this pattern works wonderfully for a dishcloth when cleaning, wiping or scrubbing a kitchen counter.  Not only that, it soaks up big spills in the kitchen.

Have a wonderful day!