Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cakes, Cookies, and Pies...OH MY!

  Last Friday, my sister Veronica and I attended Vivian's Edged Glass Cake Plate Class.  This workshop had nothing to do with her Stampin' Up! business.

We had admired a cake plate she had made at a glass edged workshop she took.  She was kind enough to hold couple of classes for us to learn how to do this technique.

Vivian had all of the step-by-step instructions and supplies ready for us.

Here's my sister washing off the edging cream off of her cake plate dome. 
We had a great time doing this project together, and we're ready to do it all by ourselves now!!!

These are the cake plates with edged glass a doily on.
Can you spot the cake plate whose owner didn't follow directions?...LOL!!!
Phew...glad it wasn't me.

Cakes, Cookies and Pies...OH MY!!!
is glass etched around the outside of the cake plate dome.

I have taken several classes/workshops from Vivian.  I love her classes and quality of her work.  You can also find her on Etsy: CVivCreate

It takes a BIG HEART 
to teach
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