Friday, December 2, 2016

December CD Calendar Page

I made this December 2016 CD calendar page for my swap partner Mary.
I did it...all 12-months!!!

For this last calendar CD page, I recycled/upcyled one of my extra Christmas cards.  Actually this card was one of my very first Christmas card sets I made when I first started stamping and card making.
**I have decided that this coming year, I will not be participating in card/stamping swaps.  If I do, they will have to be super special swaps where I know the participants take pride and put effort into their work; or I plan on making the project for myself.

I am not one to complain or be negative.  I tend to be a very positive person, and always try to give the other person the "benefit of the doubt" (not making excuses for them).  Unfortunately I have come to learn that by not speaking up, I only perpetuate for these individuals not to put their best work forward, and to continue to participate in swaps.**

My idea of Christmas
whether old-fashioned
or modern, is very
simple: loving others.
~Bob Hope