Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cantata and Cookies

Last Sunday afternoon I attended our Church's yearly Christmas Cantata and it was absolutely wonderful!!!
This was the first time for me attending this program, and I'm so happy to have experienced it.  

We are so lucky to have a great music director!

 After the program, my CDA group hosted a reception for all attending guests to meet and greet our participating choir, director, soprano and musicians in the church's hall.
So many caring and generous church members provided delicious cookies for all to enjoy.

 This beautiful cookie platter of delicious citrus cookies, date nut log slices and strawberry marzipan were the shining star of all cookies!!!  Just about every one requested to know who was the wonderful baker of these delicious sweets.
As of now, we still don't know who the "star baker" is; but is our mission to find out!

It was a very pleasant and wonderful afternoon for all of us to share in this Christmas event.

Great Love of God