Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What plans?

Life is upredictable...DUH!!!
Or just a reminder that daily life no matter how well planned, organized, orderly and long To Do can all change in a heartbeat!

That's exactly what happened this past Saturday.
Hubbie ended up in the emergency room.  He had not been feeling well...and being my "typical man", of course finally made an appointment to see his doctor for this coming week...but his health didn't want to wait that long!  I hope this was a lesson learned for his sake.

Well after long hours at the ER and lots of tests, it turns out that he had extremely high blood pressure and other issues.  Short Story: now Hubbie is following up with a cardiologist and several tests!!!
I'm praying that all goes well and he'll be fine!

Talking about planning and trying to be organized, on Saturday I was all set to go to a Ladies Christmas Exchange Party.  I was to bring a dish to share and a handmade gift.  Handmade gift and dish prepared a day ahead.  All I had to do early on Saturday morning was to pop my scalloped potatoes in the oven to bake, get ready and load gift in the car and be on my merry way...ha!!!!
My handmade exchange gift is now mine, and we have a huge baking pan of scalloped potatoes to eat and share for the rest of the week! may not be a good idea to eat the potatoes...

The greatest wealth is HEALTH.