Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Yarn Happiness

Yesterday I went to Michaels to take advantage of their yarn sale.

I only had in mind getting these Caron Cakes skeins of yarn to try it out;
 but ended up picking up more stuff...hehehe...!

Since I was already there, I decided to go ahead and get some supplies for some projects I have been thinking about making:
I'm working on making a wreath made out of yarn...let's see how that turns out to be.  I remembered I needed to get or replace two of my crochet hooks (I have no idea what happened to my G & H hooks...I guess I misplaced them...argh!).  The jar candles were $2 a piece, and now the house has that fallish scent.  
The best part was that Michaels is currently having this promotion where you earn "buck$" from the total of your purchase...woo-hoo! use in October.

I couldn't resist picking up more cotton yarn for dishcloths or hot pads to make.  I am running low on my stash.
I came home a very happy lady!

I like long, romantic walks down the yarn aisle