Friday, December 18, 2009

Children's Holiday Party

I organized a Staff Children's Holiday Party at work where proud co-workers introduced their children and grandchildren. It was a great success!
Our town's firefighters were able to deliver Santa Claus to us where he met our children and delivered gifts!

One of our own played the part of Sandy Claus...and what a great job he did!!!
I was touched by the fact that children still believe...

BTW..this is Radio I mean Rudolph (a rescued greyhound whose professional name was Radio Flyer). He belongs to one of our Administrators who played the part of Santa's Helper...aka Argyle...creative, huh?

Radio/Rudolph was so good! I want one so badly, but my scrooged Hubby won't let me :-(
Each parent/grandparent was to bring a small wrapped gift for their child (labeled with their name and from Santa), and a dozen Christmas cookies to share.