Friday, February 18, 2011

Junkin Finds Friday

Hi!  It's Friday and I have a four-day weekend!
You probably have noticed that this week I only had one card post.  For this week's posts I had decided that I needed to broaden my horizons and venture out of my craft room! 

So for today's post I'm participating in Linda's Junkin Finds Friday, which is a first for me! 
So let me share my Junkin Find with you... this silver plated butter dish which I found at a garage sale about 2 weeks ago.  Our neighbor Mary has moved to Seattle, and had a huge garage sale.  I got a chance to stop by at the end of her sale when they were cleaning up all of the items that didn't sell.  They were packing everything up to donate, when I spotted this really tarnished looking butter dish.  I asked, "How much?"  and the answer was "Free."  I took it!

About a year ago I had found this $1 glass butter dish, but Hubby never liked it because it was hard to lift the lid.  So when I saw the lid to this butter dish, I said, "Perfect for Hubby!"
Swing by Linda's Junkin Finds Friday to see other bloggers' great finds!
Have a great weekend and don't forget my blog candy giveaway!


  1. It's gorgeous. Love the oval shape and the design. Fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a deal! You just can't beat frea! It is very pretty.

    ~ Tracy

  3. It is so cute!!
    It's strange but I have never had a butter dish. We just put it on a saucer. That little cutie has me thinking I need one now!!

  4. What a pretty butter dish and even better because it was free. Love the glass insert. Thanks for joining Junkin Finds Friday. hugs, Linda

  5. Silver is one of my favorites to find--and free is so good!! That is beautiful.

  6. Oliva you got a great deal on that find!! And you already have it all shined up! My silver gets so neglected- I am sure they wish they lived in a house who kept them sparkly and nice-- oh well...

    Love your afgan you are working on too! Looks like a great way to use up odds and ends of yarn - looks really pretty!

    Got back from NM- Mom was very surprised and had a great time at her 75th birthday bash!

    bee blessed

  7. This is so elegant! It will be so pretty on just about any table. :)


    P.S Thank you for helping me get the word out on the Pringles Can Challenge! :)


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