Friday, February 18, 2011

Junkin Finds Friday

Hi!  It's Friday and I have a four-day weekend!
You probably have noticed that this week I only had one card post.  For this week's posts I had decided that I needed to broaden my horizons and venture out of my craft room! 

So for today's post I'm participating in Linda's Junkin Finds Friday, which is a first for me! 
So let me share my Junkin Find with you... this silver plated butter dish which I found at a garage sale about 2 weeks ago.  Our neighbor Mary has moved to Seattle, and had a huge garage sale.  I got a chance to stop by at the end of her sale when they were cleaning up all of the items that didn't sell.  They were packing everything up to donate, when I spotted this really tarnished looking butter dish.  I asked, "How much?"  and the answer was "Free."  I took it!

About a year ago I had found this $1 glass butter dish, but Hubby never liked it because it was hard to lift the lid.  So when I saw the lid to this butter dish, I said, "Perfect for Hubby!"
Swing by Linda's Junkin Finds Friday to see other bloggers' great finds!
Have a great weekend and don't forget my blog candy giveaway!