Thursday, December 18, 2014

Star Ornament & Nutcrackers

While I was on my kick of making book page wreaths, I came across this great tutorial and learned how to make this beautiful Star Ornament.  It was pretty easy to make!
I made the start ornament bigger than the directions, and because of that it was a little too BIG for our tree, so I hung it here, near my Nutcracker collection.
I discovered this recipe called Nutcracker, and I hope that this Christmas I will finally get a chance to make it.
I had this extra basket which I filled with some of our Christmas/winter books for when some of the munchkins show up.
Do you ever put things away and can't find them?
I did and it's absolutely driving me crazy!!!  I can't find several Christmas children's books, especially a book called Miracle on 34th Street illustrated by Tomie de Paola!!!  Argh!!!
I have a feeling I will come across these books right after Christmas is over!!!

~Choose Joy~


  1. I do it all the time! Usually I'll put something away for safe keeping and then I'll forget about it all together until I come across it years later. Your book page ornament looks great on your bookcase. You have a nice collection of nut crackers too. Wishing you a Merry Christmas full of joy and blessings!
    xx Beca

  2. Love your star ornament and your nutcracker collection. I can definitely relate to looking for something and being so frustrated. Then, when I no longer need it, it turns up. Yuk! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! laurie

  3. Cool wreath and fun nutcrcker collection.
    Thank you for praying for my sister.
    Merry Christmas.


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