Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Recycled Christmas Tags

 Yesterday, I really worked hard on finally getting all of my recycled tags done!
No more last minute tag making!!!
 Basket full of recycled tags to share with Mom & Sis!
 I used Christmas cards from past Christmases to create them!
 I even found some old tags I had made.
 I used every little scrap of the Christmas cards...even the sentiments were made into tags.  Why waste?
 Bits and pieces of scrap turned into tags.
 I also used most of my leftover yarn, twine and ribbon for the tags.
 I was thinking that I might have to iron some the ribbon out...hmm...
 I used some of the saved baker's twine from our local bakery.
BTW...they have the most delicious cannolis!!!

I Really Did Try!!!