Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Altered Christmas Greeting Card Book

My box of saved stashed greeting cards is getting smaller and smaller.
I collected all of the remaining Christmas greeting cards we received last year, and put them together in a handmade book.
 For the covers of the book I used chipboard from a cereal box.  I covered the chipboard with scrapbook paper and used a recycled a handmade Christmas card for decoration.  I used bits of ribbon and string, leftover tags, and made a little birdie of leftover punched outs to make it more festive looking.
 ~It's a 2 ring book~
~Spine of book~
I noticed more and more family and friends are not sending out Christmas cards as they used to.  I hope this tradition doesn't die out.

At Christmas time I will display this book on our coffee table to look through and reminisce.   Hopefully we'll add more to it or make another book.