Saturday, May 23, 2015


It's Spring and the coyotes are out and about!!!
 The reason why I have not taken my little guy Jack for his daily walk!
 One of our neighbor's doggy Bella was attacked by one a couple of weeks ago.  Poor Bella! She's so shaken by this experience.
I don't blame the coyotes.  We have encroached in their territory.  We just have to keep our babies safe.


  1. Where I live they hunt them. I hate hunting.. but I understand that they are trouble. they must not be afraid of people where you are?
    keep your puppy safe!

  2. I see them here too and I always feel sorry for them as you said, we have taken over their territory. You do have to be careful though as they really are a danger to cats and small dogs.

  3. Take care when you walk your is too bad that they have to come into the city to look for food.

  4. As far as I know, the coyotes in our area stay away from people. They usually remain around the golf course and the nearby wash; but still they're wildlife.

    Jack doesn't leave my eyesight :-)

  5. Wow, that's scary! We've only seen one running across a newly plowed field. We live in a fairly large development, but last Spring, a mom and her pups were sighted on just about the last vacant piece of property in our neighborhood. They were warning everyone about dogs, cats and even children. What is so weird is how far they had to travel through fully established neighborhoods to even get to that vacant piece. It's kind of natural to feel sorry for coyotes just because they look so mangy and like they haven't eaten in a month. I think they try to avoid people, but I wouldn't want to accidentally get one cornered. Our daughter lives in North Scottsdale, and she was chased by javelinas one night within her apartment complex. I for sure would not want to cross paths with those!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment about our Rhine River trip. Compiling the photos and journaling for these blog posts is such a great way for me to get those memories organized so I can then scrapbook the trip. I'm so happy when blog friends leave me comments.

    Haven't we had just an amazing Spring here in the AZ desert? I was totally expecting to get home from a very cool Spring in Europe, and immediately be thrust into 100+ degree days. Sad to say, it looks like those days are coming on quite quickly. You are probably getting ready to head toward MN. Hope you have a wonderful summer, Oliva!


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