Friday, May 8, 2015

Paris in the Spring Spoolie

I've had Paris in my mind lately...hint hint Dear Hubby!
 I had so much fun creating this Paris in the Spring Spoolie for Audra Marie!
I go through all of my well organized boxes, files, jars, baskets, stashes, closets...which sometimes being too organized can be a bad thing; meaning too many places to look for things...exhausting work!

Once I am done hunting and gathering, the fun begins in putting it all together!  The interesting part for me is how I collect all of these bits & pieces all along, and somehow most of it eventually fit together.

~Supplies: vintage wooden spoolie, a strip of vintage fabric, shredded paper, a tiny piece of ribbon for a bow, embellished pins, decorative strips of ribbon, a string of tiny pearls, a lonely lace embellishment, tiny paper flowers, ephemera, and my very own handmade tiny distressed coffee stained tag~
  I like to make sure the back of the spoolie looks as good as the front.
I included along with her spoolie a set of assorted handmade stamped cards, a small glass stained cross, Limoncello scented hand sanitizer, and a hydrangea card.
I hope Audra Marie enjoys it!
We both participated in Sarah's Spring Spoolie Swap.
Thank you Sarah for hosting this fun swap.