Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Smash Book Style

I used to do a lot of scrapbooking, but stopped and put all of my supplies away.  I think the reason I stopped scrapbooking is that I let life  be consumed by a busy work schedule, the grieving of my Dad's passing; and lots of other family changes.
Even though I stopped scrapbooking, it didn't keep me from collecting pictures, ephemera, mementos, and so on.  I'm happy that I have found joy in scrapbooking and other forms of journaling again.

I just learned about Smash Books and I like the idea of it.
This is my first attempt at it.
I created my first Smash Book -in my own style- using all kinds of saved cards, tags, paper, ephemera,  letters, mail, calendars, brochures, tickets, etc...that I have collected and meant something special to me.
I didn't go out and purchase the standard Smash Book, but used my own  scrapbook album for this purpose.  I'm pretty happy with the results.

It's going to be a busy summer...!!!
But what is a Smashbook? 
An unplanned and on-the-move scrapbook is the easiest way to describe it. The principal behind it and the basic elements are quite the same, except for preparation and presentation.
1. No planning is required for making a smashbook. If there is a holiday journey you want to record in a smashbook, you simply start pasting pictures and other items on each page each day. In a scrapbook, however, one usually start making it AFTER the holiday is over.
2. A smashbook is a journal in which one pastes pictures, embellishments, memorabilia et al on the go. In a scrapbook, planning is essential.
3. Smashbooks do not follow a certain pattern throughout the book. Each page is like a new theme and design. It celebrates “messy”. It is a great activity for those who are not good with arts and crafts. But in a scrapbook, the theme is usually uniform. It also lays great emphasis on creativity and craftsmanship.
4. Smashbook is generally a notebook on which you scribble and paste. It comes with a half-pen-half glue stick instrument which is very handy if you want to instantly write or stick something. Scrapbooks, however, have pages and layouts pre-planned. There is a specific slot for a picture and a fixed spot where you can write.
5. Smashbooks undoubtedly save time and money. You save time planning the layout, picking out decorative items, arranging memorabilia and then buying all the supplies... all of which a scrapbook requires.