Friday, September 11, 2015

Paper Clip Art

 Since I have discovered creating Pocket Letters, I am learning to be resourceful in making embellishments and goodies using what I have on stash.
 One popular thing in PLs is the added altered paper clip.
 Basically is taking any size paper clip and adding a touch of an embellishment.
For this set of altered paper clips I used these butterfly rhinestones glued to the top of paper clips.
These embellished paper clips can be used as a bookmarks, or 
to hold documents in place.
Honestly, these type of paper clips can be used for all types of uses or embellies.

How to:
~All Supplies from Dollar Store:
  • 1 bag of butterfly rhinestones (or your choice)
  • 1 package of paper clips 
  • glue (also from Dollar Store); make sure is super strong
Take one paper clip and 2 rhinestones and glue back to back to top of paper clip, and let dry.

To learn more about Pocket Letters you may go to Janette Lane's Pocket Letter


  1. Love them! What a good idea to embellish a scrapbook page too!

    1. Yes!!! I would probably just glue one embellishment to paper clip so it won't be too bulky for scrapbook page. You might put a little piece of felt on the back to hold embellie to paper clip.

  2. So adorable! And I have some of those butterflies.Now on to find me some paper clips.LOL

  3. Cute.
    Happy weekend...loving this weather..

  4. Olivia, I'm coming over to respond to your note to me about Ceekay. I'm especially sorry for those of you who did get to meet her in person...I know several bloggers did over the years. She and I shared messages back and forth for probably 6 years but I never met her in person. I'm sad too because I know she fought such a hard battle but with such a wonderful heart. ♥


  5. Hi Oliva So adorable!Love them! what a good idea


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