Friday, September 11, 2015

Paper Clip Art

 Since I have discovered creating Pocket Letters, I am learning to be resourceful in making embellishments and goodies using what I have on stash.
 One popular thing in PLs is the added altered paper clip.
 Basically is taking any size paper clip and adding a touch of an embellishment.
For this set of altered paper clips I used these butterfly rhinestones glued to the top of paper clips.
These embellished paper clips can be used as a bookmarks, or 
to hold documents in place.
Honestly, these type of paper clips can be used for all types of uses or embellies.

How to:
~All Supplies from Dollar Store:
  • 1 bag of butterfly rhinestones (or your choice)
  • 1 package of paper clips 
  • glue (also from Dollar Store); make sure is super strong
Take one paper clip and 2 rhinestones and glue back to back to top of paper clip, and let dry.

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