Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Simple Chalkboard Project

 I had been admiring several super cute DIY chalkboards out there in blogland, and had been wanting to make one myself. 
 Well, the opportunity presented itself when I was at Target ready to spend my $5 gift card I had won at a game playing miniature golf.
 I found this little bottle of chalkboard paint and box of chalk at Target's Dollar Spot for a $1 each.  Oh...and the wire pumpkin was also a $1 at the Spot
My next task was to find a piece of flat surface to start creating my chalkboard.  I went through our 2 barrels of scrap lumber, and I couldn't believe I couldn't find anything!!!  So I kept searching our basement, and came upon a set of 4 old metal trays, and Bingo...perfect!!!  I washed the tray and dried it; and then started painting it with the chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight.
It was enough paint and there's still some left in the bottle.
 The following day I checked my work and I was so happy with the result!  
I drew a very simple pumpkin and phrase...I'm not very artistic when it comes to drawing.  For a little bit of color I made a magnet out of a silk fall leaf and a tiny crochet pumpkin.
I think it looks so cute right here with the morning sunshine coming through the window...feels so fallish!
Three more trays to go...yeah!!!

Just a little funny story about the wire mesh pumpkin that I paid a $1 for.  That same afternoon I had purchased my pumpkin at Target, my sister-in-law and I popped in to this little antique store in Rosemount.  The store had several of these same pumpkins throughout the store selling them for $6 each!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!  They were exactly the same as mine...unbelievable!!!

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