Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Simple Chalkboard Project

 I had been admiring several super cute DIY chalkboards out there in blogland, and had been wanting to make one myself. 
 Well, the opportunity presented itself when I was at Target ready to spend my $5 gift card I had won at a game playing miniature golf.
 I found this little bottle of chalkboard paint and box of chalk at Target's Dollar Spot for a $1 each.  Oh...and the wire pumpkin was also a $1 at the Spot
My next task was to find a piece of flat surface to start creating my chalkboard.  I went through our 2 barrels of scrap lumber, and I couldn't believe I couldn't find anything!!!  So I kept searching our basement, and came upon a set of 4 old metal trays, and Bingo...perfect!!!  I washed the tray and dried it; and then started painting it with the chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight.
It was enough paint and there's still some left in the bottle.
 The following day I checked my work and I was so happy with the result!  
I drew a very simple pumpkin and phrase...I'm not very artistic when it comes to drawing.  For a little bit of color I made a magnet out of a silk fall leaf and a tiny crochet pumpkin.
I think it looks so cute right here with the morning sunshine coming through the window...feels so fallish!
Three more trays to go...yeah!!!

Just a little funny story about the wire mesh pumpkin that I paid a $1 for.  That same afternoon I had purchased my pumpkin at Target, my sister-in-law and I popped in to this little antique store in Rosemount.  The store had several of these same pumpkins throughout the store selling them for $6 each!!!  I couldn't believe it!!!  They were exactly the same as mine...unbelievable!!!

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  1. Oh Oliva, your tray turned out so cute!! I especially love your magnet of the leaf and darling crocheted pumpkin. How funny about your wire pumpkin being sold for $6.00!

  2. It turned out so cute, Oliva! And they probably bought the same pumpkins as you, for resale!

  3. I LOOOOVE your chalkboard. I may go see if Target has some of that chalk paint! Do you know if it would work on plastic? I have several plastic trays I could use. That little crocheted pumpkin is adorable!!!!

  4. what a great project....making chalkboards are all the rave and there are so many wonderful ideas out there!!!

    looks to me like you are quite artistic!!!!

  5. Love it!! I did something similar but i used white marker instead of chalk as my tray will be used for the Fall Decor only!!
    I have to go ad check out Target now.....
    Glad that you liked my Fall Tree...

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  6. Confession: I sometimes buy the dollar things and then resell them for 3.00 at my booths...LOL!!
    LOVE your chalk board tray and you draw great pumpkins. Cute pumpkin magnet!

  7. I like your tray and the pumpkin is perfect. I can see you making a lot more of these

  8. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Your mail shows as `no reply

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I thought I had fixed the problem. I just don't know how to fix that!!!

  9. What a great idea! I love your chalkboard tray and love the artwork and of course the crochet pumpkin. The little vignette of the tray resting in the sunshine amongst your pretty things is lovely. Just visiting your lovely blog via has made me smile!

  10. great deal and it looks great, your crochet pumpkin looks great on it. So good you saw the wire pumpkin at target, it is amazing how much some places charge for the same things

  11. Your chalkboard tray is darling, my friend :) Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - I will be featuring you at the party tomorrow afternoon. Hugs and blessings!

  12. Very creative, eye catching and the price was right!

  13. Oliva, this turned out so cute and thrifty too ;) LOVE that adorable crocheted pumpkin! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. Hi Olivia! I'm visiting from Roses of Inspiration and I LOVE this darling tray! I have made a few chalk board projects but not a tray...and I have a tray just like this that has some sort of cartoon characters on it left over from when my sons were little. You are giving me ideas!


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