Wednesday, September 9, 2015

State Fair 2015

Minnesota State Fair 2015

 Not a John Deere...
 Fish of Minnesota...
 Minnesota Herpetological Society...
 At the Farm...
 Of course at the Beer Garden...
 My favorite exhibit!!!
Dahlia and other flower entries...
 There was great music throughout the Fair.  This is just one of the many bands playing!!!
WCCO 5 o'clock news broadcast!!!
 I would love to own a car just like this one...canoe and all!!!
One of many beautiful floral arrangements entered in the Agricultural Center.

This is my third time at the Fair and my most favorite.  I managed to stay for most of the day thanks to the weather: overcast & breezy!!!
This year we actually spent more time in the agricultural section of the Fair.  We had not done this in the past, and learned new things about Minnesota.

Now let's talk about State Fair Food:
I had Fried Pickles for the very first time and they were good!  Again I had my yearly Pronto Pup...yummy...and for dessert I had Bridgeman's strawberry ice cream in a cup! The server almost flipped when I ordered my ice cream in a cup!  He said that so far I was the only one ordering ice cream in a cup!  Well...I'm watching my carb intake, but for the State Fair I splurged.


  1. What is a pronto pup? Never heard that before. The fair looks terrific, something for everyone!

    1. It's a corn dog...must be a Minnesota thing...LOL!!!

  2. Your post makes me miss the fair...both the state fair and county fair. I think next year I will go at least to the county fair, whether hubby joins me or not! I love deep fried pickles. The first time I had them was in Georgia at Stone Mountain. What is a Pronto Pup though?

    1. It's a corn dog...must be a Minnesota thing...I always get corrected when I call them corn dogs...LOL!!!

  3. Looks great and the food sounds great too! The last time I went to the New York State Fair I got a migraine from the constant noise and commotion! But I do love the atmosphere.

    1. I felt the same way last year. The place was super crowded and the weather was muggy. I came home sick with a chill, and after a nice nap & 2 Tylenol, I felt so much better!!! Thank God this year we were lucky to go on a day with great weather and less people.

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