Monday, September 14, 2015

Evening Canoeing

 Hubby and I had a wonderful Friday evening canoeing nearby our home.
The day had been pretty chilly and it looked like we might get rain.  Luckily it cleared away and Hubby and I continue with our date at Westwood Hills Lake.
Westwood Hills Nature Preserve had an Adults Only Evening Canoeing class which we had signed up for.
We really enjoyed it!!!
There wasn't much instruction because most everyone knew how to canoe, or you were with someone who knew how to.
We canoed for about an hour.  It was so calm and soothing; and the weather was simply beautiful.  It seemed like we were the only ones in the world. 
Afterwards, we all docked across the Lake for the second part of our date.
Here are some of the participants waiting for all of the canoes to get docked and head out to our next exciting adventure.

Our instructor Mark had a little surprise in store for us at the the Nature Center Building.
He had coffee and dessert waiting for us, along with tea lights to create a romantic setting for us couples.  It was so nice and special!  We had super rich chocolate cake and creamy cheesecake!!! 

We had a chance to meet the other couples and Mark shared a lot of interesting information about the area.
Well, it was time to canoe back across the lake in the dark, and burn some calories and call it a day!
We had a very nice evening together!!!

Hubby and I plan on going back and renting a canoe for a couple of hours and go solo!