Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bachman's Fall Idea House Tour

Last Thursday, Jan (sister-in-law) and I toured the Bachman's Fall Idea House, and it was decked in all it's autumn splendor!
Here are some pictures I would love to share of my favorite decor inspiration:
This picture is from the front door covered porch.  There is this gorgeous vine hanging display from the ceiling over the beautifully decorated fall table.
No lighting above the dining room table?  No problem.  How about a spray painted medallion over the round glass table, and use your imagination what you can hang from it!

Now...for my MOST FAVORITE ROOM of all!!!  
I need one in my house!!!

I also liked very much this picture wall vignette with a collection of eclectic frames.
This is the garage converted into an outdoor patio!!!
Jan sitting pretty and resting!

I highly recommend that if you're in the area, make a point of paying the Fall Idea House a visit; but if you're lucky enough to be in Minneapolis during the Christmas Holiday, it is a must to tour this house!!!  I hear it's spectacular!!!