Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baby Blue Blanket

I finally finished this crochet Baby Blue Blanket and it's ready to be mailed out to my niece who is expecting her first baby!
It's about 40" x 40".  The pattern I used is called Tulip stitch and I used this pattern to make it.
The crochet edge of the blanket I used is from Olga's pattern.
The blanket is light and soft and perfect for Arizona's wintry weather.

I failed my goal to finish 3 out of 4 WIPs in two weeks time.
The #1 mistake was...not to buy enough yarn at time of purchase for the beginning of each project.
I went to buy more yarn to finish the other projects, but the store was out of the darker blue and the light green.  Now I can't find this particular yarn anywhere.  The yellow yarn turned out thicker than the original I first started with; so I had to start from beginning and used a different pattern altogether.
Lesson learned!

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