Monday, December 7, 2015

Catching Up

Hi!  Thank you so much "to you" for continuing to stop by and leave me wonderful and encouraging comments.  Just so you know I do quickly visit your blogs for a quick look and see what your up to.  I apologize for not reciprocating with a comment!

I'm totally in the Christmas spirit, but for some reason I really don't feel like decorating our home.  I will try to decorate our tree today though... Oh Dear...I'm hosting Christmas dinner...I better get with it!!!

Besides catching up on several swaps, I have been involved with the Women's Guild at Church and I sure have been kept busy...but fun busy!  I'm glad that today will be our last meeting and then I will definitely have more time to do things around home.

Now onto recent swaps:
These are 2 hexies I made for my November Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.  Maggie requested Civil War fabrics in tan and cream colors.

 This was a fun and a quick Pretty Paper Swap I sent Alfie.  Alfie and I were swap partners and I also received from her very and lots of pretty paper.  Alfie and I belong to Happy LadyBug Card Swaps Group through Facebook.  This was first swap with this group, and I like it!
 I included this card for Alfie and left it blank for her to use as she needs.  This swap package didn't have to go far.  Alfie lives in Arizona too.

Have a wonderful day!!!