Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pocket Letter Swap from Joanne

Joanne and I participated in Deb's Christmas Pocket Letter Swap.
 This is what I received from Joanne ~ My Random Insanities.  This was Joanne's first PL ever!
Love the vintage images and handmade doilies!
 ~back of PL~
 Joanne handmade the little sticky notes!  Gorgeous!!!  I've never made one, so I might give it a try and make one.
 She filled the pockets with very pretty ATC paper, and my craft room smells so good!
Beautifully crafted book marks!  I love the paper and I love using book marks!
Thank you Joanne for the beautiful PL and goodies you sent me!
You can go here to see what I sent Joanne.

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