Friday, February 12, 2016


Have you ever met someone out of the blue and just connected and it feels like you've always known each other and have lots of things in common with?

Two months ago I met Mary at our Church group and it was instant friendship!  We found out that we are neighbors (she lives down the street from me); she comes from the Minneapolis area; she's a talented quilter, and also a beginner golfer like me. We also have similar likes and dislikes.

We are both part of the Sewing Group at Church.  She's such a great asset to our group.  You don't tell her twice, and she's done with a project or request right away!  She made about 10 lap quilts to be donated to Veterans.  They turned out beautifully and they were very much appreciated by the nursing home.

 Mary made this very cute throw pillow for me!  She knows I love my wine!
She made a beautiful wine quilt (which I love!), and she used some of the leftover fabric for my pillow.
I am blessed to have few but very good friends!

Have a wonderful day!!!