Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pom Pom Luggage Tags

I have always thought pom poms were the cutest things ever invented!  I remember this pair of slippers I had as a child that had this huge fluffy pink pom pom on each slipper...I just loved them!!!

Last week I had to learn how to make pom poms and it reminded me of my pom pom slippers and how much I loved to wear them!  
I have been volunteering in our Church's little shop (Clementique)  twice a month for a about two hours at a time.  Our shop sells many handmade items that the Church Ladies donate for our shop to sell (funds from these sales go towards charity).  From curly knitted scarves, crochet afghans, quilts, kitchen scrubbies, and so many other beautifully handcrafted items.  I can always find something different and new!

We had a request for 20 luggage pom pom tags from one of our parishioners.  This lady is going on a Girls' Cruise trip, and she is giving each of her friends one pom pom luggage tag.  Our shop was completely out of them.  I was asked if I could make them, and of course I said YES!!!  After watching a YouTube tutorial, and a couple of tries, they were not hard to make at all!
 Each pom pom will have this Traveler's Prayer tag attached.
The ladies will be able to tie their pom pom onto their piece of luggage so they'll recognize it as it comes down the chute (I think that's what you call it).  The colors are bright and I tried to make them really tight, full and fluffy.
Bon Voyage Ladies!

Have a wonderful day!!!