Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Romance is Still Alive

I am happy to report that romance is still alive at the Ohlson's!!!
My Valentine card to my Sweet made by Moi!
 Hubby surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet of flowers he put together.  Believe me I was really surprised by his lovely and thoughtful gesture since he has been so grumpy lately...LOL!!!
My Valentine of 28+ years!
Oh yes we surely did dress down to sit down at the table...LOL!!!  Dinner was prepared by the Hubs.
And now for a total cuteness finale, please meet my Sister's new and only furry baby Chico!

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Awwwww what a wonderful day you had! Flowers and a delightful dinner how lovely!
    Chico is just adorable!
    Donna A

  2. Such a beautiful bouquet of flowers, gifted to you from your, so romantic! Little Chico is very sweet!

  3. That's our kind of celebration too. Your Valentine and his flowers are both so thoughtful.

    That little dog is the tiniest and cutest thing ever!!

    I hope you'll come link with us Thursday morning for Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

  4. So nice to have such pretty flowers from your sweetie. Love the vintage looking card, too. How adorable is Chico! x K

  5. Glad you had a nice dinner made by your sweetie! My valentine's day was good as well.

  6. Those are lovely flowers and your card is too cute.... yeah we don't dress up much anymore either, we both like to be comfortable unless we are going out. Oh your sisters dog is just precious!!

  7. Ohhh que linda foto de su mascota , saliendo de una tazita


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