Saturday, February 27, 2016

So Behind

I go from having plenty of time to NONE!!!
I'm having a great time with my so called social life...but then it keeps me from replying to emails, doggies need a nail trim, kitties need their routine vet check up, garden/yard, and all of those pesky household chores, and most importantly swaps.  Yikes!!!
So today I will stay in my craft room and get to work on getting all of my swaps done!

The following are cards or altered art I received in the last couple of weeks:
Beautiful Valentine card from my friend Enedelia.  This card was not part of a swap.  It was super unexpected happy mail!!!

Valentine Tag from Jennalee from The Papered Soiree (instagram).

 Gorgeous tags (3) from Andrea R!
 You can go here to see the tags I sent her.

 Valentine Treat holder from Mary B.  Here's the one I sent her.

 Beautiful gate fold card I received from Cookie S.  
I need to mail her mine.

Gorgeous sketch card from Carol F.
I need to mail hers.

The following 5 cards are from a swap where we were to make a set of 5 (same/similar), and you would receive 5 different ones.  Here you will see the ones I made for this swap.


This absolutely stunning Diva card I received from Ti H.
 I'm almost done with Ti's Diva card.

Last but not least...
this very pretty monochromatic pink card is from Laura J.
I need to mail hers.

I feel terrible about not being on time with mailing out my swaps.
I have decided to slow down and learn to say "no" when asked to help out.  I realized I can do so much, and now I'm so stressed out... :-(

Have a wonderful weekend!!!