Thursday, June 8, 2017

Birthdays & More...

My word for this week is
I have been scattered brain lately...not good when I have so many things to accomplish in the next 2 weeks!

My daily focus is to make sure I here it is...
This is a card I made for one of my girlfriend's granddaughter's birthday who turned 10 years old.

I have gotten into the habit of making 2 cards of the same design when I have a request for card making.

What have I been up to?...
Trying to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for soft & moist cookies.  I used the Crisco butter shortening recipe, and I have to say it was good.  I made the mistake of adding an extra egg, so my cookies flattened out when I took them out of them oven.  They were good though.  I must make same recipe again, but using 1 egg only!

My Rosemary bush had to be cut back drastically!  I had let it get out of hand...shame on me!
So instead of throwing away the trimmings, I brought them indoors and placed them on this metal container.  It was a great idea!  The scent was heavenly, and what made it even better was that the ceiling fan is right above it, and made the fresh Rosemary aroma traveled throughout the house.

Another useful thing about Rosemary is throwing in a handful of cut twigs into your fireplace.  It burns easily and releases its aroma (indoors or outdoors)!

So proud of myself!
I have been saving my earnings from selling my cards, and finally was able to get an Ottlite-Lamp for my craft table.  It's not brand new, but gently used from a fellow crafter!

Girlz Day Out Adventure
The Girlz and I took a quick trip across to Algodones, Mexico, to get our cheap meds, and other stuff...wink wink!
This was our second trip there for Gin (white top) & I.  Luann (left) and Kate's (right) first time.  We had a blast!


It would have not been a complete trip if we didn't have real Mexican food & cocktails!!!
Here I am trying out a Chabela with Tecate Beer.

Gin trying out a Strawberry Margarita and Kate (a beer conoisseur) enjoying a cold Dos Equis Beer.

It was a great day in Mexico, especially in the company of great women!!!

~Audrey Hepburn