Wednesday, June 7, 2017

You're Invited

Yesterday was our last CDA meeting of the year.  We celebrated it by getting together for a luncheon at a local diner.
Our CDA Regent asked me if I could make 4 invitations for four of our local participating parish priests to invite them to our luncheon.  When I heard the invitations were for "priests" I first thought was, "I better do a good job!"
After much debating as to what to create, I decided to make a criss-cross invitation

 I'm glad to say, the "Priests" did show up...phew!

 For our April CDA general meeting I made each Lady present received this cute little favor, with the message to remind ourselves:
Be someone's SUNSHINE when their skies are gray!

I have been doing some late spring cleaning around the house, and this is my latest accomplishment after many years of planning for it.  What can I say...I'm a procrastinator!
  This is such an improvement!  
We had an old bright orange wooden crate for our shoes right outside our kitchen door going into the garage.  It was a mess.  I always had to dig out my shoes where were lost among Hubbies' HUGE shoes!

Group of friends and I got together and attended our Rec Center's last concert of the year. 
  It was a gorgeous spring day and the weather was absolutely perfect!
 It was tribute to the Rolling Stones.  The band was great, and Mick Jagger's impersonator was fabulous!  Needless to say, I joined the crowd and danced the night away.

Lately my busy days end up like this.
Daphne all cozy and snuggly on my lap watching a Netflix movie!

Remember to take ONE day at time, girl.  You can only do so much.  Be KIND to yourself.
~Heather Stillfusen